Saturday: I’d like to congratulate Chris Hoy, the cyclist, for winning sports personality of the year. I don’t really know who he is, but what I do know is I find Lewis Hamilton to be a very boring man. Zara Phillips won it in 2006 and she was spectacularly boring, and let’s not even mention Nigel Mansell. Personally I would have an X-Factor style contest where sports stars have to sing or dance to win the title. Cloudy.

Sunday: Talking of X Factor, wasn’t it great Eoghan didn’t win. He’s only 12 and really shouldn't be allowed in the contest, especially if he is going to cry all the time. Meanwhile, over on the beeb, Strictly Come Dancing lurches from one scandal to another. Not content with killing off John Sergeant (in a way they did) they’ve now rigged the votes. Somehow. I didn’t really understand the problem, but everyone seems upset about it. Wet.

Next week: Once again, it’s this time of year and I haven’t done my Christmas shopping. I planned to do it in January but that seemed too early, then I thought I would pick up some summer bargains but couldn’t find what I wanted, I tried again in the autumn but my leg was hurting so I went home, and here we are in December. I’ll get it done this weekend, but one thing’s for sure, I won’t leave it this late next year. Probably. Rain.