Saturday: I had the pleasure of watching a Spanish band playing in Camden this weekend. They had decided to exclusively play covers of hits by The Beatles and it was quite a treat. After the first word of Help, you knew it was going to be an interesting show, what with their strong Catalunian accents. The best was saved until last, though, as they belted out Hey Yude. It had to be heard to be believed. Showers.

Sunday: I was done like a right kipper on Saturday. My housemate said we were going out to meet some friends of his, we’d have some civilised drinks, great conversation, a very sophisticated time all in all. After several breakdowns in communication, we finally met up with my mate’s friends, only to be told we were going to Reflex. Anyone familiar with these establishments will know what I mean when I say I was not amused. Cold.

Next week: This section was going to be filled with gentle musings on the price of vegetables, but I am replacing it with a rant about my internet connection. I have just spent 30 minutes trying to connect to the web while sat in Tesco to file this copy. Now I’ve had to retreat to my car to get a signal and reboot my computer to try to get online. Modern technology is wonderful, except when it doesn’t work. Possibility of snow.