Saturday: It’s election night as I write this, and I'm in for the long haul. The world is talking about Obama, but for my money it’s all about Dimbleby. The BBC anchor started off with a wobble when he forgot who one of his panelists was. He recovered with just a brief look at the notes. He also used the word "slimple" in one of his links, but I don’t think anyone noticed. Steady so far, but it’s going to be a long night. Rain.

Sunday: It’s closing in on 2am, and my companions are gradually drifting off to bed. But just when you thought things were settling down and getting boring, Dimbleby pipes up with a classic. Cutting to a shot of Times Square in New York, all lit up as usual, the big man announces: “New York there, looking like downtown Tokyo”. No David, it looks like Times Square, because that is what it is. Windy.

Next week: It’s pretty much all wrapped up for Obama, and he’s just taken the key state of Ohio. I stray onto ITV, but am faced with the unnerving sight of Alastair Stewart from Police Camera Action at the helm of their coverage. Back to the Beeb, and our David has lost the leaf from his poppy. Jeremy Vine has got so many facts and graphics, there is a danger he might explode. Time to go to bed I think. Showers.