Saturday: I’ve been lined up with a blind date. This is a new venture for me and one that is obviously pretty terrifying. What if she is terrificly boring, or completely crazy? As a worrier myself, I know there are literally thousands of things that could go wrong on this kind of an adventure, which makes me wonder why I said yes in the first place. I was thinking positively and when my housemate asked, it seemed like a good idea. Heavy rain.

Sunday: All may be well in the end, as she hasn’t replied to my well-thought out and very charming text message. Being the popular way of conversing these days, I spent a good few hours agonising over the wording of the message, before checking it with all my housemates. Sent it but, four days later, still no word. Now I’m wondering what I said wrong? Did I inadvertently call her an idiot without noticing? Surely not. Showers.

Next week: In the unlikely event she does call back, I’ll be faced with even bigger problems. Where shall we go? What shall we do? Could play safe with the cinema, but conversation might not be great. We could go for a drink but what if we have nothing to talk about? I could take her to an owl sanctuary, but that’s just a bit odd. Any suggestions gratefully received. I’m not sure I’m cut out for the dating scene. Wet and windy.