Saturday: It’s that time again when Hindus celebrate the festival of Navratri. The more entertaining festival in my opinion is played out by press officers up and down the country. It’s called ‘How do you Spell Navratri’. Just a sample of the spellings that have flooded in are: Navaratri, Navarti, Navrathi, Narvatri and – my personal favourite – Navaratchi. This festival becomes more enjoyable every year. Rain.

Sunday: The West Middlesex University Hospital revealed its new natural birth centre this week – and what a centre. If ever a picture could ruin the opening of a centre, this was it. Blurry and out of focus, it showed what looks like a couple of portable huts glued together on a patch of waste land. Painted garish colours and flanked by a digger, this did not exactly conjure up the natural birth image I think they were after. Wet and windy.

Next week: I am hereby launching a campaign to fix the window in Harrow Leisure Centre. Since the centre seems to be staying, until the council gets enough money to hire a big enough wrecking ball to knock it down, I want to get the window fixed. It has been broken for more months than I can remember and sports users deserve the leisure centre to be fixed up. Fix that window before I have to step up my campaign. Drizzle.