Saturday: Do you know what I hate? Motorcyclists who weave through traffic while cars wait at the lights. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a fellow commuter jumping the queues, just because he is on a smaller vehicle. I will invariably overtake him again and the whole exercise seems pointless. You don’t see really thin people weaving their way through a queue, just because they are slimmer than others waiting. Rain.

Sunday: I moved house this weekend and had to get a new parking permit for my car. Getting one from Islington Council was an ordeal. I turned up at the office at 9am to be told it would be an hour’s wait. So I decided to book an appointment later in the day. When I returned my slot came and went and it was almost an hour before I was seen and the people at the desk didn’t seem to know who I was. Very frustrating. Windy.

Next week: Can you guess what my favourite road sign is? I know most people don’t have a favourite but mine’s at the start of the M1, stating how many traffic violations the cameras have caught this week. It caught 124 this week and 124 last week as well. Perhaps this is a conincidence, maybe the sign has not been updated, or maybe – my favourite theory – the police have to catch 124 people a week, and are right on target. Rain.