Saturday: Your weather correspondent has been in deepest Spain, in the greatest town on Earth. It is called Bot and it is close to Prat de Comte. We asked if there was somewhere to stay. The bar owner was so eager to help, he broke the town’s only public telephone in the process. Later on we went to the town’s fiesta, a bit like a school disco in an aircraft hangar. If anyone is stuck for a holiday destination, go to Bot. Sunny.

Sunday: Next stop, a small town in Murcia and the craziest party in the world. We arrived at 11 at night at a petrol station where thousands of locals had gathered. The petrol pumps became bars, someone was flogging ice out of the boot of his car and, best of all, the petrol station was still open. I pity the man who tried to fill up and buy a Twirl and a can of Coke while hundreds of people danced round him. Sun.

Next week: In Murcia I found the happiest shop owner in the world. We went in for meat pies but came out with our lives thoroughly enriched. The lady had visited London just one week before and she was itching to tell someone about it. She went to the London Eye, she saw the river but, best of all, she went to a museum filled with wax. Amazing. The meat pies could not have come any quicker. Sunny spells.