Saturday: I did three stupid things this week. On Saturday, I walked into a door frame and banged my head. On Monday, I posted a letter without a stamp on it. And on Wednesday, I almost crashed in my car while checking my hair in the mirror. I can console myself with the fact that, to redress the clever-dumb balance, somebody in Australia had a fantastic week on account of my actions. Wet and windy showers.

Sunday: Having rightly predicted sunny weather for Under One Sky, I went along to enjoy the day. Favourite moment goes to an unnamed councillor who, when asked about the fun things to do, excitedly told me The Police were there. Overcome with excitement at the prospect of Sting live on stage in Harrow, I was understandably disappointed to find he meant the local bobbies had a stall. Unsettled.

Next week: Some of the stupidest things said and written at the Times Towers newsdesk this week: “Were the schools named yesterday, or yesterday?”, “The closures were announced as the Harrow Times went to press, a move that will anger local residents”, and finally, a suspect wanted by police who was described by a reporter as “...wearing a scarf, with a Jamaican accent”. Scattered showers.