I was disappointed to read the comments of councillors Davies and Redford on the application by The Fornax and Firkin to allow female strippers to perform on their premises. The attitude that this form of entertainment is 'degrading to women' smacks of ignorance and political correctness. I work for a charity that is funded in part by organising annual awards for both male and female strippers, and none of them feel 'degraded'.

To suggest the presence of strippers in a pub as likely to affect the amenity of 'women, the family and young children' is a typical rant that, if nothing else, makes you wonder what young children are doing in the pub late at night.

Far from bringing Soho to Harrow, 12 occasions a year when strippers are allowed in one pub is likely to bring some interest and that's it.

When even a building society is featuring the price of 'stripping lessons' in its adverts, it's clear to see that the attitude towards this profession has changed considerably. It's a shame that the councillors don't appear to have taken the time to find out more before trotting out a typical 'PC' reaction.

It's patronising to assume that women or men working as strippers are 'degraded' and are working to 'degrade' their fellows. It's also quite offensive to claim that the presence of strippers in one pub will cause the whole of Harrow to crumble into moral decline. I'm surprised to hear an attitude like this from colleagues I had thought of as clear thinkers.

Cllr Alastair Alexander

Rayners Lane