London's Tate Modern is used to receiving mixed reviews and homing displays that are unique and often stand out among the art industry.

While it's well known that art is subjective, many keen tourists and Londoners alike visit the British landmark for both its belongings and the building itself being a former power station.

However, not everyone enjoys the artwork inside the Tate Modern.

Whether the art is too 'bold', 'weird' or just 'outright bizarre' some people would prefer to spend their time in a more classical gallery like the National Gallery or Guildhall Art Gallery.

Although not everyone enjoys the art on offer inside the Tate Modern Gallery, it does result in some of the funniest reviews you've ever read.

The funniest tourist reviews of the Tate Modern Gallery

One guest of the Tate Modern described the gallery as "pretentious", sharing: "Call me a philistine, but looking at a pile of sand with 'four handfuls taken out of it' is laughable."

Another guest called it "dull" adding: "You won’t find a duller place to visit in London.

"Depressing, meaningless and uninspiring art. Shame as the building and setting are amazing."

More than one visitor thought the Tate was missing the 'wow factor' as another Tripadvisor user said it was "worth a miss", explaining that they thought it was "Really boring. The whole building had no atmosphere."

Another guest who didn't hold his words back said the place was "garbage", explaining that it was  "utterly pretentious."


This London landmark has been named the most disappointing in the UK

Although some were not happy with the gallery, it does have a huge amount of positive reviews, with more than 5,000 'excellent' reviews compared to just 412 'terrible' reviews.

One very happy guest of the Tate Modern Gallery said: "Well worth a visit, a really eclectic collection of modern art with a wide definition of what "modern" is, I really enjoyed my time here."

Another fan said: "It’s BIG! There’s a lot to see and do, we didn’t allow enough time sadly so I definitely want to return. Some very very good exhibitions in here."