A health alert has been issued across London as a heatwave hits the UK this week.

The yellow heat health alert has been issued for the entirety of the city from today (Monday, June 24) through to Thursday (June 27).

The alert has been issued by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) in partnership with the Met Office.

According to the Met Office, a yellow health alert may be issued during periods of heat unlikely to impact most people with the exception of those who are particularly vulnerable.

These are people who are likely to struggle to cope in the heat.

Over the next few days, temperatures in London are set to reach highs of a whopping 29 degrees.

Today, the weather will be dry and warm with sunny spells.

The Met Office reports that there may be some patchy fog with a maximum temperature of 27 degrees.

Tonight, the Met Office forecasts dry and milk weather with the odd mist or fog patch developing.

On Tuesday (June 25), there are fog patches predicted early in the morning that will clear quickly.

As the day goes on, the weather is set to become very warm or even hot with lots of sunny spells.

The temperature should reach a high of 29 degrees.

In an outlook for the rest of the week, the Met Office forecasts dry, very warm or even hot weather with some sunny spells.

On Thursday evening, there may be a band of light rain and some cooler air on Friday.

We have put together an hour-by-hour forecast for today and tomorrow so that you can stay safe in the heat:

Monday, June 24

1pm – 25 degrees

2pm – 25 degrees

3pm – 26 degrees

4pm – 27 degrees

5pm – 27 degrees

6pm – 27 degrees

7pm – 26 degrees

8pm – 25 degrees

9pm – 24 degrees

10pm – 23 degrees

11pm – 22 degrees


Tuesday, June 25

5am – 18 degrees

6am – 18 degrees

7am – 19 degrees

8am – 20 degrees

9am – 21 degrees

10am – 23 degrees

11am – 24 degrees

12pm – 25 degrees

1pm – 26 degrees

2pm – 27 degrees

3pm – 28 degrees

4pm – 28 degrees

5pm – 28 degrees

6pm – 28 degrees

7pm – 27 degrees

8pm – 26 degrees

9pm – 24 degrees

10pm – 23 degrees

11pm – 22 degrees