Saturday: A massive wave of excitement as this week, all the reporters, and the weatherman got a new laptop. Now I can forecast the weather from anywhere in the world, check the internet for storm warnings while on the train, or send emails about humidity whenever I feel like it. Better still, nobody has managed to drop theirs yet, or had a disaster of similar catastrophe.Martinis all round then. Showers.

Sunday: Despite the shiny new laptops, the same old problems remain. Having finished a 400-word story, the computer decided to delete it - and without asking me first. This made me very angry indeed, as it happened very near to deadline. But I'm not allowed to break the new computers no matter how annoyed I get at them, so I had to be happy with banging my fists on the desk. Bright spells.

Next week: Every week I have to deal with several calls a day from people I just don't want to speak to. It's fine when readers call to discuss stories, or tell me about the weather conditions in their area. But some callers just ring because they want a chat, treating me like some kind of 0800 service for people to just call in and discuss their day. It winds me up. In fact sometimes I turn into a very cross man indeed. Cold.