Interview with the world-renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou before the UTS final in London




In a recent interview, Patrick Mouratoglou, a leading figure in the tennis world, offered insights into his life, coaching philosophy, and the upcoming UTS Grand Final set in London. The conversation provided a rare glimpse into Mouratoglou's early struggles, coaching experiences, and his commitment to democratizing tennis through social media.


Early Passion for Tennis:


Mouratoglou's journey into tennis began at the age of four, transforming a shy and academically challenged child into a tennis enthusiast. Describing his connection to the sport, he shared, "Tennis was the only thing I was good at... the only place I felt confident." Despite facing pressure to abandon his dream of becoming a professional tennis player at 15, Mouratoglou reflected, "It took me 10 years to recover from it."


Founding the Academy and Coaching Influences:


In 1996, Mouratoglou established his tennis academy with a unique philosophy centered on tailored coaching. He acknowledged the influence of renowned coaches such as Bob Brett and his business partner, stating, "My philosophy is really extremely different... I want to help young people achieve their tennis dreams." This approach distinguishes Mouratoglou's academy, emphasizing adaptability to individual needs.


Meeting Serena Williams:


The pivotal moment in Mouratoglou's coaching career unfolded when Serena Williams, post a challenging phase in her career, approached him. Reflecting on their initial encounter in 2012, he shared, "I always thought our paths would cross... she was the ultimate champion." This meeting sparked a transformative coaching partnership that led to 10 Grand Slam triumphs.


Memorable Victories with Serena:


Highlighting their significant victories, Mouratoglou emphasized the emotional Wimbledon win in 2012 and Serena's return to the number one ranking in 2013. "An incredible moment... she struggled to speak on the microphone because she was so emotional about it," he recalled. These victories solidified their coach-player bond and showcased Serena's resilience.


Mouratoglou Apparel Brand:


Beyond coaching, Mouratoglou ventured into the fashion world with Mouratoglou Apparel. He explained, "On the market, we needed a brand producing quality clothing, classic clothing, and at an affordable price." The brand offers quality and affordable tennis clothing, allowing everyone the opportunity to dress stylishly on and off the court. If you are interested in buying pieces from the exclusive collection follow this link:


UTS and the Future of Tennis:


Discussing the UTS, Mouratoglou revealed his motivation for creating a format that challenges traditional tennis rules. "The point about UTS is to bring new fans to tennis... we needed to bring new fans and younger fans on board." With the UTS Grand Final approaching in London, he anticipates an event that redefines tennis consumption for a new generation. You can get your tickets to live this unique tennis experience by clicking on this link:


Democratizing Tennis Through Social Media:


Known for his impactful presence on social media with over 3 million followers across all platforms, Mouratoglou explained his commitment to sharing tennis tips freely. In his own words, he articulated, "I want to democratize tennis, break down barriers... through social media, making it accessible to everyone." His engagement extends beyond coaching, aiming to make tennis not only a sport to watch but also a sport to participate in. In the interview, Mouratoglou further emphasized, "I think with social media, you can reach out to people so much better than in the past." Through digital platforms, he seeks to break barriers and foster a global community of tennis enthusiasts, sharing knowledge and passion for the sport.




Patrick Mouratoglou's journey from a tennis-loving child to a renowned coach is a testament to the transformative power of the sport. As the UTS Grand Final in London approaches, Mouratoglou's vision for tennis and his dedication to reaching new audiences through social media promise an exciting future for the sport. Through each quote, Mouratoglou invites fans into his world, sharing the passion and commitment that have defined his remarkable tennis journey.

Pierre Cotteau de Simencourt