A nature reserve was closed off by police due to reports of a suspected World War II landmine.

Bentley Priory Nature Reserve, in Stanmore and near to Bushey, was shut to the public and police rushed to the scene today (August 24) after first being alerted of a suspected World War II ordnance at 3.35pm.

The suspected item was examined by officers, and there was a “full stand-down” by 5.10pm, the Metropolitan Police said.

Harrow Times: The suspected item found The suspected item found (Image: Raffi Berg)

Members of the public were escorted to Priory Way while the item was dug up and inspected.

Alarms were first raised when 14-year-old Coby was metal detecting with his friend in the area, a hobby he picked up over the last few weeks.

After discovering the item and being unable to tell what it was, he called his dad fearing it could be a weapon.

Harrow Times: Police taking a statement from Noah (left) and Coby (right)Police taking a statement from Noah (left) and Coby (right) (Image: Raffi Berg)

His dad, Raffi Berg, who is the Middle East editor of the BBC News website, said: "He's 14 so I thought obviously not and it wasn't until I went there myself and I couldn't really tell - because it just looked like the top of an anti-tank mine.

"Because of the nature of the area, it was a former World War II military site, we called 101 as we didn't want to call 999."

Harrow Times: Coby (left) and his friend Noah at the site of the suspect deviceCoby (left) and his friend Noah at the site of the suspect device (Image: Raffi Berg)

He said a "dozen" of police came straight away before it was evacuated and a bomb squad followed and said it was a piece of electrical equipment.

Mr Berg continued: "It was a feeling of relief but also slight dismay because it's slightly less exciting."

Coby said: "I was seeing how it all played out, when I first discovered it I was terrified becuase I couldn't tell what it was - I almost called the police before my dad but we decided it was best to call my dad before taking a more serious measure, and it just kind of went from there."

"I was more excited than anything else," he said.

When asked if it has scared him off, the daring 14-year-old said: "No not at all, if anything I want to go again."