Saturday: Was on the train the other day and overheard a teen discussing his evening plans on the phone, including "some beef going down" in Harrow. I'm not too sure whether he was organising a fight or sorting out a summer barbecue. Either way, I seem to have lost touch with the youth culture, even at such a tender age. Disappointing. Occasional showers.

Sunday: Sir Alan Sugar has not ruled himself out of running for Mayor of London in four years from now, obviously keen to keep his options open. That said, I'm not sure anyone has ruled themselves out at this stage, not even Hillary Clinton, who I'm sure could use the work. So, I would like to be the first to rule myself out of the running for London Mayor in 2012. Sunny.

Next week: Apparently I have at least one avid reader of my humble little column, apart from my mother that is. Over at one of our rival publications, one reporter read my previous tirade against his blog and offered the olive branch of peace. Not wanting to start a spat which would distract me from the terribly important task of weather forecasting, I have graciously accepted. Cloudy.