The London Marathon is just around the corner and if you have a loved one taking part this April and want to find an easy way to see how they're getting on, then you are in luck.

Following along with their progress on the day is straightforward with the help of an app that lets you keep an eye on how they are during the marathon.

Although it takes most runners just over four hours to complete the race, it might take some a little bit longer, plus it is always nice to check to see how well they are getting on.

The official London Marathon App says: “Whether you’re taking part in London or in the virtual event – or tracking friends and family – the Official TCS London Marathon App, powered by TCS, is your perfect companion to the TCS London Marathon.”

How does the London Marathon tracker app work?

When you download the app you will be taken to the homepage that gives you all the options and features available including how to track a participant.

You just head to the ‘Tracking’ section and search for the runner by their name or bib number.

It will then show the progress made along the route and if you enable your GPS, the position of the runner will be more accurate.

Along with being able to track a runner you can also find expert tips and advice, keep up-to-date with the Elite Leader board and find out results.

The app is available to download for both iPhone and Android users and you can download it for either device via the website here.

How to send a Belief Booster on the London Marathon app

Running the London Marathon takes a lot of training and support, which is why this year, the TCS London Marathon App lets you send a motivational Belief Booster.

All you have to do is “out your Belief Booster message of support and, if approved, it will appear on the world-famous gantry on The Mall as your chosen participant approaches the Finish Line.”