A doorbell camera captured footage of a meteor that streaked across the sky in Harrow.

The Met Office said there were reports of a meteor over the UK at around 8pm on Monday (January 9).

One eagle-eyed resident in Eastcote was keen to see the spectacle after hearing reports of it in the UK.

To her surprise, she discovered that her Nest camera recorded the moment it zoomed across the Harrow sky.

Just a short distance from Harrow, another stargazer witnessed the orange blaze in the sky herself.

Laura, from Rickmansworth, told the PA Agency: “I had just turned my computer off and looked up out of the window, it was perfect timing."

Harrow Times: Laura, from Rickmansworth captured this pictureLaura, from Rickmansworth captured this picture (Image: PA)

She continued: “It wasn’t like a shooting star I have seen in the past. It seemed overwhelmingly close.

“It was large in the sky, orange with an orange blaze behind it, not what I would describe as a long shooting star tail but a shorter orange one.

“Then it just disappeared… Popped out of the sky. It seemed like it hadn’t really happened. I tried to tell my husband but they didn’t quite believe my account!”

A Met Office spokesman said the time of day and clear skies contributed to the quality of the sightings.

On the same night, the UK was due to have its first rocket launch, with a modified Virgin Boeing 747 named Cosmic Girl taking off from Newquay Airport loaded with the rocket under one of its wings.


The 21m LauncherOne rocket was supposed to be jettisoned before firing up, but there was an “anomaly” which prevented the rocket to reach orbit.

Melissa Thorpe, head of Spaceport Cornwall, told reporters: “The next time we go it will be even better.

“We’re feeling awful, to be honest – I’m not going to lie.

“It’s gutting and we all heard at different times and when we got together there were tears and it was very upsetting.”