Saturday: I hear Gordon Brown has been calling people to chat about the issues of the day. I for one wish all politicians would do this. I'd love David Miliband to give me a call to chat about the football, and me and Tessa Jowell could laugh about the latest episode of The Apprentice. Mind you, if Boris called me early in the morning, I'm not sure I'd be too pleased. Sunny.

Sunday: Talking of The Apprentice, I'm in a bit of a fix. At the start of the series, I flippantly suggested Perivale-based Lee McQueen would never win the show. Not only that, I said I would eat my hat if he did win. Now he is in the final five, and seems to be the favourite, which is disappointing for me. If this goes on any further, I'm going to need an edible hat. Light winds.

Next week: Hot on the heels of the Pinner Wheelbarrow Race, another gardening-based sporting event has reared its head. Apparently the Middlesex Show features lawnmower racing. That sounds like fun but it's a slippery slope - soon I'll be entering all kinds of horticultural events and eventually trying to grow massive courgettes while wearing a flat cap. That would not be good. Dry.