Saturday: A simple trip to the supermarket descended into farce. I went to do my weekly shop at the local store, but in the few days since I last went, they have decided to rotate all the shelves and put everything in different places. I'm left bewildered, tramping round the aisles endlessly searching for eggs, but finding only olives and cornflakes where they used to be. Showers.

Sunday: Finished shopping eventually, failing to find some things I wanted. The checkout girl puts through my groceries while on the phone to a friend, chewing gum, scratching occasionally and without a hint of a smile. Towards the end, she loses concentration and puts my loaf of bread through twice, so now I have to wait for ages for the one supervisor to come and fix the problem. Rain.

Next week: As I leave in a huff, one of my bags splits, sending boxes of frozen food cascading across the car park. When I get to my car, I am so infuriated I can't seem to get the key to turn. It's not until I'm thinking of kicking the car with rage when I realise it isn't my car at all. That is what shopping drove me to - accidentally trying to break into someone's car. Windy.