Saturday: On my way home the other night, I pulled over in a car park in Old Redding. It was quite late and this is a remote area, so I was surprised to find so many cars parked there. One particular vehicle was blasting out some Whitney Houston as I arrived, but hastily drove off as I parked nearby. I sincerely hope I didn't interrupt a "special" moment for someone. Showers.

Sunday: One of my colleagues was apprehended outside a polling station last Thursday, while she stood and talked to voters. Reports are the police were called and although the officers didn't catch her in the act, I think the charge sheet would have been good. Possession of pen and paper with intent to write a good story. Heinous crimes indeed. Sunny spells.

Next week: After a long, drawn-out election campaign, Boris Johnson will be the mayor for the next four years. For me, this is quite a relief as the deluge of emails from his campaign team was becoming unbearable. Favourite moment of the campaign: chatting to Boris in a shopping centre, only to be interrupted by one of his staff asking if I would like to chat to Boris on the phone. Storms.