Saturday: My sister celebrated her 21st birthday this Saturday with a shandy and a glass of Pimms, just a quiet night in really. This puts my mum in a difficult position, since her own "21st" birthday is approaching rapidly. I'm starting to wonder if she may have lied about her age. I must confess I was suspicious last year when she turned 21 again, but now questions must be asked. Rain.

Sunday: I made a trip to Norwich for a friend's birthday and swung by Longstanton on the way back. I wanted to visit the Spice Museum mentioned in an episode of Alan Partridge. Unfortunately I failed to do my research and found myself in the middle of a very small village, asking for directions to a fictional museum and feeling a little bit silly. Sunny spells.

Next week: I'm getting my hair cut this week and trying to find a place to go. Having had many barbers down the years, all with terrible haircuts themselves, ranging from a grey mullet to just a fringe, I don't trust them. If I went to buy a suit, I would be disappointed if the salesman was wearing trunks and a tanktop, so I'm not sure why barbers are allowed to look so ridiculous. Warm and dry.