NOW this is a pub.

I entered with some trepidation having spotted the number plate GAY 4T in the car park. But as soon as I walked in, I felt like going on a bender.

The pub was very crowded and very noisy - just how it should be on a Saturday night but I still managed to find a welcoming perch on the corner of the bar.

The 50's/60's loud live music from Dave West made me half think I was at Pontins Prestatyn. But he was pretty good. Shame the drinks weren't priced in the era of his preferred music.

There was a right mix of customers too. Pretty people, old people, young people and one or two probably too young to be drinking. But what the hell, they had money to spend and they were behaving themselves.

The mix of customers made the Artichoke feel like a real community pub. It's the sort of place where you could sit with your elderly aunties and uncles, share some memories and jokes and have a regular high time.

The beer was good too. Shepherd Neame, Spitfire and Kentish Ale were among the guests. A pint of Stella and half of extra cold Genius cost £3.90. VFM or what?

Bar staff were very professional too. Rushed off their feet, lots of noise, but a genuine "pleased to see you" tone of voice. It was a pleasure stumbling across this place and I fully intend staggering that way again.