Saturday: Went on a date this weekend to a lovely Greek restaurant in central London. There was a hairy moment when she ordered a dish for us to share - it contained fish eyeballs. Not wanting to seem like a wimp (which, of course, I am) I ordered lots of wine and tried not to make a fuss as I ate them. Next time, I'm cooking, so none of the food can look at me as I eat it. Overcast.

Sunday: Watched a Bear Grylls survival programme on Sunday night with my housemates. It was very helpful, and next time I'm stuck in the middle of Wealdstone, or hopelessly lost in Primark, I'll know what to do. Wear a damp towel on my head, don't annoy any poisonous snakes and drink lots of water. I don't know what all the fuss is about really. Clouds and rain.

Next week: Started to plan my summer holiday this week and encountered a problem. With many valuables in my luggage (sun lotion to avoid heatstroke, short shorts, sombrero), I don't want my bags to go missing en route. I hear that is a common problem these days. I'll have to take my holiday in Milan, where there will definitely be some luggage, if not my own. Sunny patches.