A North London nightclub could have to close as the bass from its speakers is so loud it makes the venue’s roof shake.

Brent Council could strip Aura Lounge of its licence after residents complained about the amount of ‘mayhem’ coming from the club.

The Met Police have warned they are receiving lots of complaints about a venue on Harrow Road with calls “undoubtedly linked to Aura Lounge”.


A letter to Brent Council from a police officer reveals the scale of crime in the surrounding area and has called for more CCTV in the area.

The letter, seen by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, said: “Since the easing of lockdown restrictions the premises has attracted a lot of complaints from local residents relating to noise nuisance and parking-related issues.

“Tonight we dealt with four males armed with large machetes, a car failed to stop for police having crashed into multiple cars. It would have been very useful if you could have seen the large crowds at around 3am, debris over the road and the high number of cars damaged as a result of one incident. I am sure the local residents are negatively impacted by this.”

The council’s noise team sent three letters to the club asking them to put the volume and bass down as it was keeping residents awake. When the council visited the club after a noise complaint they found the roof was shaking from the noise and bass.

A council inspector wrote: “On arrival music with heavy bass beats could be heard coming from the front of the premises. The roof panels of the front section were rattling from the sound intensity.”

Residents have also complained about fighting at the venue and an alleyway being regularly used as a toilet. There have also been complaints about partygoers using laughing gas and drinking on people’s doorsteps.

Music at the venue goes on until 5am and over 50 complaints have been made on Brent Council’s noise reporting app. Complaints on the app reveal that the noise can go on for five hours at a time.

One resident told the council: “On Saturday, December 2, a car was parked opposite the bay. The owner must have gone to the club. For at least two hours there was mayhem in the street, shouting, screaming and knocking on the doors.  The street was blocked with traffic for nearly two hours.”

Another resident complained to the council that they could hear music even with their bedroom windows closed and they have been forced to call the police to try and deal with the noise.

The Met have been called to the venue three times.  On October 3 a man allegedly attacked the club’s bouncers. He was found with class B drugs and potential class A drugs. The substances were taken away for testing.

One resident complained to the council’s noise app: “It’s just too loud. I have to get up in the next three hours to do shift work to go to work and not had any sleep because of the intensity of the music and revellers making loud noise. This is ongoing seven days a week.”

Brent Council were set to decide the future of the club on Monday, September 19 but a new date will be arranged following the death of the Queen.

Aura Lounge has been contacted for comment.