London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the proposed plan to expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to cover all of Greater London earlier this year.

The zone covers the same area as the Low Emission Zone and means that drivers that don't meet the ULEZ standards are set to pay a daily charge of £12.50 when in the area.

With the cost of the potential expansion already being a worrying concern for many Londoners, new research has revealed that expansion could cost the public even more.

The used car marketplace Motorway has found that the expansion could add £4,500 to the cost of London house moving for car owners. 

Harrow Times: People are looking to sell. (PA)People are looking to sell. (PA) (Image: PA)

It comes as some Londoners are choosing to move out of the Greater London area to avoid paying the daily ULEZ charge of £12.50 which equates to up to £4,500 a year.

The research found that 47% of Londoners said they would sell in order to buy an electric vehicle in light of the potential expansion of ULEZ

But due to the rising cost of living, many will be unable to make this switch and are instead seeing 4 in 10 Londoners sell their car to meet the new standards.

The least ULEZ-compliant cars

Motorway also found the 10 cars that are least compliant with the new expansion, with Land Rove and Mercedes at the top of the scale for worst. 

  1. Land Rover – 60%  
  2. Mercedes – 58%
  3. Jaguar - 58%
  4. Jeep - 57%
  5. Volvo - 57% 
  6. Volkswagen – 56% 
  7. BMW – 55% 
  8. Audi – 54% 
  9. Honda – 47%
  10. Ford – 44%

ULEZ Area Map: Where will it cover?

Currently, the ULEZ covers central London including the City of Westminster and Soho.

It was then later expanded to cover much more of the capital including, Greenwich, Hammersmith, Wood Green, Stratford, and more. 

But now the expansion proposes to cover all of Greater London in order to reduce the region's pollution levels. 

Seeing areas including all of South East London like Bexley, Bromley, Sidcup as well as Croydon, Enfield, Harrow, Wembley, Romford and more affected. 

Below, you see the proposed map, with the green areas showing the spots which are part of the expansion. 

Harrow Times: See the expansion map. (TfL)See the expansion map. (TfL) (Image: TfL)

What is the ULEZ expansion? 

The ULEZ expansion is an area in London where it is required to pay a charge for driving in a vehicle that does not comply with minimum emissions standards. 

Those that do not meet the standards are then charged a daily fee of £12.50 for entering the area.

Whether or not a vehicle is liable for the charge depends on how much nitrogen dioxide (NO2) it emits.

Which cars are ULEZ compliant?

Whether or not a vehicle is liable for the charge depends on how much nitrogen dioxide (NO2) it emits.

The change comes as NO2 can damage the lungs and make existing conditions such as asthma and lung and heart disease much worst. 

In order for diesel cars to avoid the charge they must generally have been registered after September 2015, whilst most petrol models registered from 2005 are also exempt.

Check to see if your car is ULEZ compliant via the website.