THE Happy Man has apparently been refurbished the last couple of years, although this is not apparent on entering the spacious pub.

My clandestine operation to sit quietly alone and review this watering hole, tucked away off the main Uxbridge Road was scup-pered as I walked in.

Instead of the usual cold shoul-der someone that's not from these parts' receives in pubs frequented by locals my appearance was greeted with a welcoming "evening."

This precipitated a conversation with the two chaps at the bar and barmaid along the lines of resi-dence,

employment and the heyday of darts when Eric Bristow reigned supreme.

Breaking off from my new found friends I had a quick peek in the other bar, just evacuated by a group of youngsters on the way, in good heart, to the Watford v Luton game.

The massive room is home to a pool table, fruit machine and darts board apparently the pub team is

enjoying some success of late.

The pub was quiet while I vis-ited and my intelligence tells me placed in the middle of a council estate it is suffering from a prolif-eration of clubs and the community centre offering cheaper drinks.

The decor could do with updating, but there is a comfortable feeling to the pub as the punters relax after a hard day's work before setting off for the rigours of family life.

With doubles on offer and a pint of Export on tap I can see why popping in for a swift one before walking home had been taken up by at least two Rickmansworth residents.