LEGOLAND Windsor partnered with eSight to offer two children impressive eyewear technology inside the Park’s new attraction, The Magical Forest.

The devices have been created by eSight and two brothers from Bromley were the first children in the UK to test them out at the attraction.

It’s hoped they will be widely available in the future to help children with more than 20 eye conditions.

LEGOLAND invited two brothers who are LEGO fans to explore The Magical Forest in LEGO MYTHICA.

Lucca (14) and 11-year-old Sonny Oxenham were born with a rare eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa which causes central vision loss meaning they can only use their peripheral vision in everyday life.

The condition affects 23,000 people in the UK and the brothers have around 15-20% central vision remaining.

They were able to see the full experience thanks to their specially designed eyewear.

Lucca and Sonny were amazed when they saw the dazzling lights and used the Augmented Reality (AR) on their smartphones where LEGO creatures came to life in front of their eyes. 

Harrow Times: Lucca and Sonny using the eSight eyewear as they explored the Magical Forest (LEGOLAND Windsor)Lucca and Sonny using the eSight eyewear as they explored the Magical Forest (LEGOLAND Windsor)

Daniella Zanelli, Lucca and Sonny’s Mother, said: “It was such an emotional moment for all of the family to watch Lucca and Sonny see LEGOLAND fully for the first time in their lives.

"They visited when they were younger, but this was a whole new experience and they loved meeting the creatures in the Magical Forest. As their mum, I’m so thankful that the eSight devices provided an opportunity for them to enjoy and experience things they love like any other teenage boy.”

The boys are taking part in trials of the wearable eye device as part of eSight’s partnership with Royal Society for the Blind Children.

Gregory Ogorek, COO and President of eSight International, said: “eSight is a life changing technology helping low vision people to enhance and improve daily life, impacting over 3,500 people around the world.

"We are excited to be partnering with LEGOLAND to provide Sonny and Lucca with a once in lifetime experience.”

Harrow Times: Lucca and Sonny trying out the eSight eyewear (LEGOLAND Windsor)Lucca and Sonny trying out the eSight eyewear (LEGOLAND Windsor)

Speaking of the boys visit to the resort, Helen Bull, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, said: “We were thrilled to partner with eSight to welcome Lucca and Sonny to our new Magical Forest attraction for what was a life-changing experience for them and their family.

"We hope the brothers left feeling inspired by their visit and continue to make magical memories with their family thanks to this amazing new technology.”

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