Boy racers speeding down a street have been blamed for a series of devastating crashes. 

Neighbours in Hatch End’s Royston Park Road, Hatch End, say changes need to happen before somebody is killed. 

They compared their long, wide road to “a Formula 1 track” with cars often reaching a speed of 70mph. 

Earlier this year a car smashed into a metal postbox, while two homes have seen their front walls destroyed by cars that have lost control. 

Sara Rigby, who has backed a campaign calling for a 20mph limit, said: “These are serious accidents. We’ve seen cars written off, riding up pavements.

“It’s amazing that nobody has died yet and it’s frightening that it could just carry on.”

She explained the road had recently been resurfaced due to a large number of pot holes but that has almost made things worse as drivers no longer need to slow down to avoid them. 

Dr Navin Thakrar, who has seen several cars crash near his home, said it would only take a small bit of bad luck and a bad accident would easily become a fatality. 

He said he and his neighbours are clear that changes must take place to avoid such a scenario. 

Navin said: “I’m not sure speed humps would make a difference because people would just drive over them. 

“You go to Chiswick High Street, where my practice is, and it’s 20mph. They could easily do that here. 

“Or you could restrict access at the top of the road – it might be a bit inconvenient at first but it will make us feel safer and will stop this road being a rat run.

“Of course the simplest thing would be to install a camera, which could even make the council a bit of money.”

Harrow Council agreed to look into anti-speeding measures in Royston Park Road as part of its latest road improvement plan. 

An email to residents from local Conservative ward councillors suggested funding for this project had been pulled, but the council insists it is still under review.

A spokesperson for Harrow Council said: “Royston Park Road is included in the council’s Local Implementation Programme 21/22 which is funded by Transport for London.

“We received funding from TfL at the start of the financial year – up to the end of June – to develop this scheme and consult local residents.

“The coronavirus pandemic has impacted funding from TfL for the delivery of some projects, including Royston Park Road. 

“We are waiting for more details of what further funding the council may receive – we will update residents about plans as soon as we know more.”