A mass Covid-19 vaccination event will take place in north-west London this weekend as the country continues to push ahead with the programme.

Bridge Park Leisure Centre, in Harrow Road, Brent, is hosting the session on Saturday (June 19) with ambitions to vaccinate 2,700 people.

Brent Council explained it will be open to all those aged 18 and over, with both Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs available.

Those in need of either a first or second dose are welcome – furthermore, those preparing for their second dose can take part if it has been four weeks since their first rather than waiting the initial eight-week period.

Appointments can be booked online at bridgeparkvacc.eventbrite.co.uk or visitors can simply turn up on the day – it is not necessary to be registered with a GP, nor do you need ID or your NHS number to participate.

Cllr Neil Nerva, who is responsible for public health, culture, and leisure, said the day presented an opportunity for those who might have missed out to get involved.

He said: “Getting as many people vaccinated as soon as possible is the only way out of this pandemic.

“Saturday’s event is all about making it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to get the vaccine.

“So, we’re removing all the barriers that might have made you think twice and making thousands of vaccines available on a single day at a single event.

“Don’t miss – get your jab this Saturday and let’s get a step closer to beating the virus.”

The event comes as the Government continues to accelerate the vaccination programme amid the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19.

On Tuesday, prime minister Boris Johnson announced a four-week delay to the next stage of lockdown being lifted following advice from scientists about the need to get more people vaccinated before further restrictions ease.

From today (Friday, June 18), all over 18s in England will be able to book a vaccination appointment, while the required gap between doses continues to shorten.

Brent Council has carried out its own campaign urging people to get vaccinated when offered, particularly focusing on groups of people who could be hesitant about taking part.