History will look back to 2020 as the year of the coronavirus pandemic, and it can sometimes be hard to remember there was a period this year where Covid-19 seemed like a distant virus.

But in February, the UK began to discover its first offical confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Northwick Park Hospital around February 12 had rumours of a coronavirus case, as social media rumours on social media suggested that Elgar ward had shut down due to an infected patient.

Speculation spread further through Whatsapp chain messages, giving fake warnings of the virus at the hospital. This was disputed by the hospital. Pinner High School was then among many of first schools to be hit by the virus, as students returning from a northern Italy ski trip had suspected symptoms of Covid-19.

A double decker bus caught the eyes of many on social media after it was transformed into the Last Stop Kebab restaurant in Edmonton.

The bus themed Turkish restaurant can seat 40 customers at a time, and the on board experience includes the original TfL moquette designs on the seats.

There were only 20 days between when ambitious owner Firat Amara first thought of the idea to renovate a former Transport for London double-decker bus and when he bought it on December 20. It took two months to get everything ready.

The Old Courthouse Surgery, in 27 Wood Street, Underhill, will be able to build a first-floor side and rear extension to the building after the plans were approved by councillors.

It comes after the GP practice won an improvement grant from NHS England to cope with growing demand from patients.

The surgery wants to provide additional diagnostic clinics, social prescribers, first-contact physiotherapists and paramedics.