A fire engine appeared to be blocked off by planters put in as part of traffic easing measures in Harrow.

It was spotted on Wednesday (November 4) in Pinner View – one of the areas being trialled as a low-traffic neighbourhood by Harrow Council – with reports of firefighters being forced to run down neighbouring streets to attend an incident.

In a letter to the Harrow Times, one resident questioned whether emergency services had been fully briefed on the new measures.

She said: “This is not the first incident involving an emergency vehicle. Does someone need to die before these roads are reopened and a better solution found?”

Earlier this year, an ambulance was forced to drive the opposite way down a major road in the borough due to traffic build-up attributed to additional cycle lanes put in as part of the council’s ‘Streetspace’ programme.

The schemes, which include new safety measures near schools alongside pop-up cycle lanes and LTNs, have been a divisive subject among residents and councillors.

While some champion the move towards an improved environment and active travel, others believe they are causing more issues than they hope to solve.

Cllr Varsha Parmar, who is responsible for the environment at Harrow Council, has consistently defended the measures and pointed out they are regularly reviewed by officers.

She has also said emergency services in Harrow were satisfied with the proposals, following conversations with the council.

Harrow Council and London Fire Brigade have been contacted for comment.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the incident took place in Harrow View - it has now been updated.