An environmentalist has called for a new approach to protecting ponds and parks near her home after collecting bags of litter on a daily basis and taking on rogue fishermen.

Sonia Rosenblatt, from Stanmore, said she has been on a one-woman battle to clean-up parts of Bentley Priory, Summerhouse Lake and Boot Pond.

She explained she has removed leftover fishing line, which could prove hazardous to wildlife, on numerous occasions, and frequently comes across discarded food and drink containers.

She has also confronted fishermen about using the lakes when, she says, it has been “banned in name”.

And she urged authorities responsible for these areas – Harrow Council and the Harrow Nature Conservations Fund (HNCF) – to step up and address the problems.

“There’s nobody taking care of them and, when I’ve raised this, it seems odd that no-one has offered support,” she said.

“I don’t think they realise how serious this issue is and how neglectful they have been.

“It’s a joke that they are happy for me to check it, they’ve simply washed their hands of it.”

Ms Rosenblatt suggested a “multi-pronged approach” is required to tackle the problems but stressed it will only be successful if implemented properly by the council.

She explained that a greater presence is at the heart of this, with clear, physical signage and warnings going alongside park wardens.

Signs had been put up near the ponds to discourage fishing, but they were far from durable and, over time, had become illegible.

“There needs to be more resources available – we need more wardens, people who will tell you off, we need proper Harrow Council signs, we need to start fining people,” Ms Rosenblatt said.

“At the minute people feel like they can do what they like; the fishermen are getting away with murder and I don’t think the council realises the impact this has.”

She added there needs to be a clear strategy for communicating with residents and with fishing clubs, who can pass on messages to their members.

HNCF said it carries out regular litter picks across the site and it welcomes any volunteers.

Harrow Council has been contacted for comment.