A JUDGE took 882 offences into account when sentencing a teenager to 32 months in a young offenders institution today.

Matthew O'Brien, 18, of Barnard Gardens, Hayes, appeared at St Albans Crown Court on charges of burglary, aggravated vehicle taking, robbery and theft.

Judge Marie Catterson sentenced O'Brien to 12 months, for a burglary at a house, in Howberry Road, Canons Park, and 14 months for a burglary in Northwood.

He was also given six months for aggravated vehicle taking, to be served consecutively.

Judge Catterson went on to sentence O'Brien to 12 months for robbery and four for theft, both to be served concurrently.

He was also banned from driving for 18 months and must retake his test after that period.

A total of 30 weeks will be taken off his sentence, time he has already spent on remand.

The 882 offences took place between September 2005 and April this year.

Most were thefts from vehicles.