Brent and Harrow would be among the easiest London boroughs to manage in a lockdown when based on the ratio of CCTV cameras to people.

Data compiled ACCL showed that they have relatively low ratios when cameras are compared to borough populations.

Brent has the sixth-lowest ratio in the capital with an average of 332 residents to each camera.

Harrow is in tenth place, with one camera covering an average of 465 residents – this is lower than neighbouring Barnet but slightly higher than Hillingdon and Ealing.

According to researchers, this suggests they are easier to police when people are meant to be staying off the streets as much as possible.

It comes after the Government introduced new measures to try and reduce the spread of coronavirus.

These include only leaving the house for medical needs, to buy essential food items, for exercise once a day or if it is necessary for you to get to work.

Both Harrow and Brent Councils have urged their residents to heed this advice and explained that enforcement action could be taken against those flouting the rules.