A “dedicated sweeper” will keep on top of an area outside a London Underground station that “persistently” suffers from littering.

Harrow Council explained that measures are in place to deal with the situation in Station Approach near Harrow-on-the-Hill Station.

It comes after residents who regularly use the station complained about the lack of bin facilities and the build up of rubbish in the area.

One user, Richard Holliman, described the problem as “long-standing” and believes it is at risk of becoming a “public health issue” if it is not addressed.

“For many years, the litter bin provision in Station Approach, a heavily used access road, has been completely inadequate and the local street cleaning virtually non-existent,” he said.

“The road is now persistently and heavily strewn with litter, including discarded food containers, and has become infested with vermin.”

A spokesman for Harrow Council rejected claims that the area is ignored and explained that scheduled cleaning rotas are in place.

He said: “All our streets are swept regularly every fortnight, with daily sweeps in our major shopping areas and high streets.

“This area in question is swept daily by a dedicated sweeper. Our schedules take into consideration and prioritise those areas where the level of littering is significantly higher.”

He added residents should continue to report any environmental issues to the council via its website.