Parliamentary candidates for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner have said why you should vote for them.

Each parliamentary candidate standing for the Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner constituency have explained why you should vote for them in the upcoming General Election on December 12.

Here is what they had to say:

David Simmonds – Conservative

Harrow Times:

David Simmonds was chosen as the candidate for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner on 7th November 2019. He was been active in local politics in the constituency as Deputy Leader of Hillingdon Council since 2002. He has led on education and children’s services and overseen the progress of the borough in raising standards for children, with over 90% of schools now good or outstanding (OFSTED) and every child able to get a local school place.

His national work has included leading the Conservatives at the Local Government Association, chairing the LGA Children and Young People Board from 2011-15 and the Improvement and Innovation Board 2015-16. As chairman of the Asylum and Refugee Task Group he led the political work with government developing the Syrian resettlement programme and the National Transfer Scheme to support refugee children.

David’s professional background is in finance, where he worked for high street banks after qualifying with the Chartered Institute of Insurers in 1997. Born in Kent and educated at a comprehensive school in Pontypridd, then at Durham University and Birkbeck College, London.

He was previously a non-executive director at NHS Hillingdon, and at European level, he was a founding member and chairman of the education employers’ organisation for Europe. He is leader of the Conservative Groups at the EU Committee of the Regions and the Congress of the Council of Europe.

He contested two parliamentary elections and serves as Deputy Chairman of the national Conservative Councillors’ Association.

His voluntary work includes service as a magistrate in North West London, as a trustee of the Early Intervention Foundation, and he has been a governor of three schools.

He was awarded a CBE in the 2015 Birthday Honours List.

Jonathan Banks – Liberal Democrats

Harrow Times:

Jonathan has lived in the constituency for several years, he has 2 children, Adam and Naomi, and lives in Harefield with his partner Mary, step-daughter Eleanor, and rescue dog – Barney. He’s now making diminishing contributions to his 5aside team, MaradonaKebab, at the Goals League in South Ruislip.

Until 2010 Jonathan was the European Business Insight Director for the world’s largest market research company - Nielsen.

Whilst there, he worked with Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute to enhance understanding of consumer behaviour and attitudes towards climate change.

He’s worked closely with, amongst others, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and spent much of 2019 working on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal #14, Life Below Water.

He states that whilst the EU is imperfect, we’re better in than out.

The NHS faces a funding crisis and increasing demand - Jonathan will focus on improving links between health and social care, enhancing mental health care, and provision for the elderly.

He’s against the 3rd runway, believes increasing rail infrastructure is a necessity, and whilst the cost/benefit analysis for HS2 to Birmingham is flawed, he’s more supportive of its extensions to the North.

Jonathan congratulates his LibDem colleague Lagle Heinla on her success in helping halt redevelopment of Northwood Station.

He’s committed to helping constituents irrespective of party allegiance and will run a minimum of 30 drop-in sessions each year across the constituency in Harefield, Ickenham, Ruislip, Eastcote, Northwood, Pinner, and Hatch End.

Julian Wilson – Independent

Harrow Times:

“I've never stood for public office before, but I've been appalled by how our elected representatives and institutions have behaved since the referendum. The political class has very much gone off on its own adventure after the electorate made the "wrong" choice at the referendum. They use the cover of being representatives and not delegates which, in their mind, allows them to ignore their constituents if they don't like what their constituents voted for. But the reality is that they are delegates of their respective parties because they take the party whip. This means they put party before constituency. I don't have a party so I will be a delegate representing you the constituents first and foremost.

“On Brexit, I was originally a staunch Europhile but over time and after reading widely, I became a Eurosceptic. I believe that despite "project fear", we need to leave on terms that do not make the UK a vassal state of the EU.

“Locally, policing needs to be improved. Too much time and money is spent on the big policing issues in central London leaving petty crime and anti-social behaviour to fester in outer London. I would make sure policing in this constituency was increased to meet the demand.

“Locally, I support the 3rd runway at London Heathrow which will increase our country's GDP and our economy here locally, but I do not support HS2. The money saved should be spent improving rail in the Midlands and the North. Then, if possible, what remains of the HS2 project in Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner should be used to connect the Metropolitan line to Harefield linking it to either Uxbridge or Rickmansworth which is long overdue given its size and importance.”

Femy Amin – Animal Welfare Party

Harrow Times:

Femy Amin is a pharmacist by profession and has specialised in mental health. She lives in Uxbridge

and contributes to the community through her work with the elderly and the homeless.

Femy spent five months in Pakistan in 2010 to help with the flood relief efforts, and visited Afghan refugee camps in 2005 where she contributed to the efforts of expanding education provision for children.

She has campaigned against live animal transport, inhumane farming practices, hunting, and has

volunteered as a steward and a first-aider during environmental and animal rights protests.

Femy believes in creating a fairer society for all – people, animals and a sustainable planet. At a time

when entire species of animals are being wiped out as a result of human pressure, and the number of animals in factory farms continues to grow, all whilst we are at the brink of climate disaster, she

believes now is the time to speak up.

She is standing to represent the Animal Welfare Party as she says they are the only party that are moving beyond recognition of these problems, to having the commitment of working within the political system to drive the positive shift needed in reducing animal suffering while at the same time improving public health, and our impact on the environment.

Peymana Assad – Labour

Not pictured

Peymana Assad did not get back to the Harrow Times, but in an online profile for Labour, she wrote:

“I’m running to be your local MP in Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner because we need change for working people in our country.

“Local people in our area, deserve an MP who lives locally and uses the same services as everyone else. I care about the place I grew up in and live in. As the local candidate, I will always put our community first. I know what it’s like, when people in power only care about themselves and their friends. I came to the UK as a child refugee at the age of 3 because of a brutal war in Afghanistan. Since then, I went to the local Hatch End High school, worked in the local Morrisons and got my degree at Brunel University. From then on, I've built a career in the charity sector working to support the most marginalised people here at home but also across the world.

I didn’t grow up dreaming to be a politician. I grew up with the desire to change things, so that people like us, wouldn’t have to struggle just to live. Join me, so we can fight for real change, together.”

Tracy Blackwell – Independent

Not pictured

Tracy Blackwell also was unable to respond to the Harrow Times, but in a public letter she wrote:

“Two years ago this coming January, I lost my wonderful son Josh along with his two best friends Harry and George. They were killed deliberately.

Since the devastation of that life changing day I have embarked on a journey that has led me to this point. The path I’ve followed has manifested itself into moments of realisation about the state of my country, the country that we all live in.

If there is one thing that I never wanted to be - it was a politician. However following what happened to my son, the subsequent coverup, the lack of interest from any police officer or politician coupled together with becoming embroiled in a systemically corrupt law system, it eventually dawned on me that our parliament was broken and that no one truly represented us the ordinary people anymore. During this campaign, you will see and hear all the main parties make the most fantastic promises that they will never deliver how many times do we hear this accept it and put up with it?. I feel I have a duty to try and represent the forgotten people in both my constituency and elsewhere.

From my own personal experience I know that we are living in worrying times. Along my journey I’ve met with many people who are suffering from great injustice too and this is now beginning to affect the very fabric of our society.

Successive governments have failed to tackle this senseless violence. We have a revolving parliament that betrays its retired soldiers, penalises its disabled and poor whilst at the same time lining the pockets of the greedy and privileged. Society is fragmented. Communities are distant

Parliament is no longer representative of the common people. The system needs complete overhaul. I hope I can begin to help to change this.”

Sarah Green – Green Party

Not pictured

While Sarah was unable to comment, online she wrote:

“My background is in teaching and learning and in dyslexia support. Currently I operate a small business, passenger boat on the Grand Union Canal which has increased my respect and appreciation of nature and for conservation.

I am standing for the Green Party in Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner because I believe in protecting the Green Belt, local environment and local green jobs in boating, fishing, outdoor activities and leisure and tourism.

Never before has so much damage been planned for this area. High Speed rail (HS2) promises increased air pollution, traffic chaos, increased water pollution, loss of local jobs, loss of farmland, nature reserves, wetlands, old forested areas, wildlife habitats, fishing and loss of clean drinking water extraction points.

“Nature is our greatest ally in promoting a healthy environment and provides at least 30% of the solution to climate change. This is why the Green Party will keep opposing HS2 and fracking which threaten increased probability of environmental disasters. Green voices in Government will speak up for conserving our natural assets, halting pollution, transitioning to a low carbon economy and for actively combating climate change. All this is essential for a sustainable future for our children and the planet.”