Previous Mayoress hopes to save Ghana from becoming a ‘concrete jungle’.

Awula Serwah, who served as Mayoress of Harrow during 2013 to 2014, is leading an environmental campaign to save trees at risk of being fell in Ghana.

The Eco-Conscious Citizens group have been campaigning against the Ghanaian government ministry felling trees in parks and gardens in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, to instead build a multi-storey office complex.

Ms Serwah said: “The multi-purpose office complex should be located elsewhere.

“Accra is becoming a concrete jungle, and we are experiencing the effects of climate change. It is vital that we preserve our parks and open spaces, and that Parks and Gardens land is kept for environmental purposes.”

Around 3,500 supporters have signed the petition handed to Ghana’s Deputy High Commissioner in London, H.E. Rita Tani Iddi.

Upon receiving the petition, H.E Iddi said: “It is crucial that we understand the adverse effects that climate change has on our planet and rectify our mode of living, because what affects us in our small corner of the planet, affects everyone around the globe,"

Kofi Klu, an Eco-Conscious Citizen member and joint coordinator of the Extinction Rebellion Internationalist Solidarity Network in the UK added: “The Government must listen to voices of those like Eco-Conscious Citizens and our Extinction Rebellion affinity groups and networks in Ghana that are demanding positive action now on the Parks and Gardens land issue, in the critical time of worsening climate and ecological emergency.”

In her past, Ms Serwah was involved in many Fairtrade campaigns around Harrow and Brent.