Diane Abbott addressed violence and crime rate concerns.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott visited High Street, Wealdstone on November 21 with Harrow East Labour candidate Pamela Fitzpatrick where they went around to various stores to discuss concerns.

Ms Abbott was made aware of certain crimes in Wealdstone, including a shooting in the High Street on July 6.

In that particular incident there were no reported injuries, however there have been other similar incidents this year including a shooting in Augustine Road, Harrow Weald.

Ms Abbott said: “I was truly horrified to hear about the shooting on the high street. It’s no surprise to see violent crime rise across the UK when police numbers have been decimated and youth services and community centres are under extreme financial pressure from a lack of funding.

“We will put thousands of more police on our streets to make the people of Harrow East feel safer today, but we won’t stop there. A Labour government will take action to address the causes of crimes and end the epidemic and tackle at its root causes.”

Pamela Fitzpatrick, the Labour candidate for Harrow East, was with Ms Abbott as they visited Wealdstone businesses. She said: “It saddens me to speak to local people in the area and hear them worried about the safety of them and their family.

“The people of Wealdstone should feel as safe as people in Windsor. Harrow East will be safer under a Labour government, putting more police on the streets and funding youth services to stop crime at its root causes.

“As your MP the safety of people in Harrow East will always be one of my top priorities.”