The recently formed Harrow branch of the Extinction Rebellion movement said it wants to hold its council to account over climate change.

It took part in recent demonstrations throughout London in recent weeks and plans to hold a series of events to highlight the need to protect the world’s environment.

The group wants to ensure Harrow Council contributes to this mission and carries out its pledge to create a carbon-neutral borough by 2030.

Harrow Council declared a climate emergency earlier this year, noting it is “important not to be left behind” in combating climate change.

Cllr Sue Anderson, who brought the motion, said: “This is a really serious issue – man-made climate change is a fact.

“In our own way we can all do something about it and we, as a council, have a climate change strategy in place.

“It is something we have to get to grips with if we want to see a better future.”

Harrow’s Extinction Rebellion group said it wants to bring together residents from London’s most racially diverse borough to work together to protect the community and the environment from the long-term impacts of climate change.

Its members took part in a recent ‘grief march’ which, they said, aimed to “share grief for what has been lost already, and for the loss that is to come”.

The group plans to hold a talk entitled ‘Heading for Extinction’ to highlight the science behind climate change on November 9.

It has also scheduled a mass tree planting in the borough for November 30.

The Extinction Rebellion movement has attracted both support and criticism, particularly during two weeks of protests in central London.

Some politicians have praised its impact in highlighting what they see as a climate crisis.

But others have criticised the disruption associated with the protests and the additional strain they have put on police resources.