A senior Harrow councillor said all children should be “educated together” after Labour passed a motion at its party conference vowing to abolish private schools.

Cllr Christine Robson, cabinet member responsible for young people and schools at Harrow Council, suggested such schools could be deemed “inefficient” when it comes to supporting the UK’s education system.

She noted pupils’ high achievements at independent schools but argued that many children in state education gain similar, and sometimes better, results.

At a council cabinet meeting on Thursday (October 10), she said: “I believe, and I have always believed, that all children should be educated together with no distinction and no elitism.

“I make no apologies for that; I have never changed nor waivered in my thoughts about it and never shall.”

It came after she was quizzed by Conservative councillor Richard Almond about the importance of Harrow School to the council.

He pointed out that a council report on regeneration identified the school as a key asset, describing it as Harrow’s “most well-known institution” that “will continue to attract investment into the borough”.

Cllr Robson said Harrow School is “useful” in business terms but stood by her point that there should be equality when it comes to education.

Delegates at the Labour conference last month pledged to “integrate all private schools into the state sector” if the party gets into power.

According to the motion it would “challenge the elite privilege of private schools” since “the ongoing existence of private schools is incompatible with Labour’s pledge to promote social justice”.