The world’s first player vs player free-roam virtual reality game is coming to Wembley this month.

The new 400sq meter Boxpark Wembley VR arena utilises Zero Latency’s free-roaming VR technology as up to eight players are able to move freely in the empty arena, untethered by any cables, whilst navigating full-motion avatars through the hyper-realistic, virtually generated worlds.

Equipped with headsets, headphones, military style backpacks and a gun (for shooter games) the deeply immersive 30 minute social VR experiences brings playing with friends and family to a new dimension as you team up in multiplayer maps to defeat hordes of enemies or face off against each other in player vs player tournaments.

Designed for first time gamers and thrill-seekers alike, games feature advanced storytelling, ultra-realistic enemies and epic final boss battles. Groups are ranked against one another based on their skillset. This is not your usual VR experience and is not just for gamers; your instincts take over as your body becomes the controller and your mind believes it is all real.

Situated close to Wembley Stadium, the new venue will also play host to mass international VR tournaments, where players from around the world will battle it out.

A number of games are available, including:

• Sol Raiders – Earth is gone and the last remnants of humanity are travelling the universe in search of new worlds and wealth. A power source unlike any other – called Sol – will make you rich if you can get it. The only problem is, everyone wants it, and to get it, you must fight for it. Pilot your combat rig, form your crew and prepare yourself for blistering player vs player combat over three futuristic maps

• Zombie Survival - Picture this: you’re bunkered in a fort and surrounded by a mass of zombies. Can you stay alive until the rescue team arrives? An experience for thrill seekers.

• Outbreak Origins – Prepare yourself for epic battles. A deadly virus is wreaking havoc, causing hordes of zombies to take over the city. The dead are walking and your squad needs to do something quick

• Singularity – Space, the final frontier. Ever wondered how you’d fair against killer robots and rogue drones? You and your mates will investigate a secret military space station and take on the Terminators

• Engineerium - Perfect for first-timers and virtual reality experimenters. Ease you and your mates into VR through this avatar-like, fantasy world that combines platform and maze challenges

John Lilley, CEO of MeetspaceVR said, “We’re thrilled to bring the world’s most advanced social gaming experience, Zero Latency, to London.

“Free roam VR is the future of group social entertainment attractions – we believe gaming is better when played together. The adrenaline pumping experience caters to a wide audience from avid-gamers to first time visitors.

“Wembley plays host to the world’s biggest sporting tournaments and so it feels like the perfect place to launch the future of mass competitive Player-to-Player eSport gaming.

“We are looking forward to opening our doors in the UK’s capital in October and unleashing a horde of virtual zombies on visitors.”

Zero Latency’s Wembley branch will open on Saturday, October 26, from 11am to 11pm, and is located in MeetspaceVR, Box Park, Olympic Way, Wembley Park, London, HA9 0JT. Tickets can be pre-booked at from £19.95 per person.