This nail bar says it offers a luxury service to its customers - and that includes a glass of champagne.

Kiran Kalsi and her sister Anita Sihra opened their business Spa Bar London in Northwood last year and they love to pamper their customers.

The salon treats people to tea, coffee and champagne in the weekends so people can enjoy their chosen beverage as they are having their nails done.

It offers a range of services including nail enhancements, spa manicure and pedicures, paraffin treatments on hands and feet.

There is also a beauty room where customers can get facials, waxing, lash tint and lift and threading treatments.

Harrow Times:

Anita Sihra  and her sister Kiran Kalsi. Photo: Spa Bar London

Recently, the sisters have introduced a sculptural facial lifting massage treatment.

Spa Bar London business manager Kiran Kalsi said: “My sister and I both had nail-tech training 15 years ago and we always had thought of opening our own nail bar.

“We didn’t like the conveyor belt type treatment of regular nail bars we went to. In our salon, we don’t use drills at all and we use vegan polish.

“We both have a passion for having the best you can on your high street and having the feel of luxury and elegance without being in central London.

Harrow Times:

Nail design at Spa Bar London in Northwood. Photo: Spa Bar London

“We want to offer that kind of service locally. We stride for perfection in detail and customer service making sure our clients is our top priority – this is what sets us apart from the rest.”

Anita opened her first nail bar in 2015 called The Nail Bar in Kenton, Harrow.

Following the success of Anita's nail bar in Kenton, they decided to open another salon in Northwood.

Ms Kalsi said: “My sister opened up her first nail bar from scratch. We both dreamed of opening a nail bar and later I helped handing out leaflets.

Harrow Times:

Other types of nail designs at the Spa Bar London. Photo: Spa Bar London

“She now has an award winning business and it was 80 per cent word of mouth that helped her. If you are honest with your clients then they will come back.

“There are so many great things about running a business. You can grow with your clients and regulars become your family.

“You learn about what is going on in their life, its like walking into your local shop - you know half the people there.

“It has such a beautiful community feel and it is quite warm and loving.”

Harrow Times:

Spa Bar London offers a luxurious experience to customers in Northwood. Photo: Spa Bar London

As business manager, Ms Kalsi said there are a few difficulties you can face when running your own business.

Ms Kalsi added: “You have to stay on top of your game and have new treatments such as the facials we do in our Northwood bar.

“You have to stand out and competition is healthy and have to make the point of being different whether that is the finish of your nail treatment or your nail art.

“Staffing can be a challenge and making sure they are trained so any customer that comes in has the same treatment with any members of our staff.”

Harrow Times:

A nail design at Spar Bar London. Photo: Spa Bar London

Ms Kalsi said in the future they hope to open another nail bar and create their own skin care range for their treatments.

When asked about advice for other business owners she said: “Running a business is not easy.

“Do your research and you got to try and at first if you don’t succeed it is not all doom and gloom.

"Persistence is key and you need to keep ahead of the game and improve your knowledge. Honesty is also important in business.

“Finally, do not give up it takes about a good year or two to actually settle into a new business.”