“Selfish” drivers who damage the borough’s roads should be reminded of the costs of their actions, according to a Harrow Council report.

A scrutiny review into highway maintenance across Harrow found that the public should be regularly informed of repair costs.

It suggested greater engagement with residents through the council’s media channels and that the scope for enforcement should be explored.

Cllr Ghazanfar Ali, co-chairman of the report, said a lack of care for the roads is “a problem all over Harrow” and he urged officers to encourage a behavioural change.

The review gave the example of driving over grass verges and noted that, while not necessarily a malicious act, the subsequent repairs cost the council money.

In their response, officers agreed that promoting a change in drivers’ behaviour is “important” to avoid wasting “valuable council resource unnecessarily”.

They said “suitable messaging” will be developed to highlight the consequences of damaging behaviour.

At the suggestion of Cllr Jean Lammiman, co-chairman of the report, they said enforcement opportunities would also be assessed.

The review was initially commissioned following a resident survey that highlighted “a number of problems” with road maintenance in Harrow.

Cllr Lammiman said it was heartening to see so much “passion” on the subject, with people across the borough holding strong opinions.

She explained that “consistency” was a key issue and again called on the council to better communicate its plans around highway works.

“It seemed to be a case of ‘sometimes we do it, sometimes we don’t’ and residents were not sure which way it was going to jump,” she said.