Harrow Council said it is “taking action” to improve the borough’s poor performance when it comes to staying active.

Recent government statistics showed that around a quarter of people in Harrow are not getting on their bikes or going for a walk at least once a month.

This is among the highest in London and is of concern to the council as it aims to improve residents’ health and the borough’s air quality.

Cllr Graham Henson, leader of Harrow Council, said: “We are aware of Harrow’s low cycling rate and the council is taking action.

“In May, we published our walking, cycling and sustainable transport strategy which supports a modal shift towards sustainable transport, in line with the London Plan.

“We know that the number of cyclists in the borough is on the rise, in part thanks to council’s efforts to encourage cycling.”

The 2019 transport strategy outlines the need to move away from travelling by car since it “does not just impact on our own personal health, it also impacts the health and well-being of the surrounding population”.

It notes that walking and cycling are the healthiest and most sustainable ways to travel, while residents are encouraged to use public transport for longer journeys where necessary.

Despite several obstacles – such as a lack of time, concerns around weather and poorly marked or lit routes – the council is confident that people will look to walk and cycle more in the future.

And almost half of Harrow’s residents already travel on foot or by bike at least three times a week, while around one in three people do at least five times a week.