Councillors have called for greater communication with residents when it comes to highway maintenance in the borough.

It is part of a series of recommendations by Harrow Council’s scrutiny committee, which published a report on the authority’s highways strategy.

Examining several issues, from funding and costs to reporting problems, the key message was the need for greater interaction between the council and the community.

Cllr Jean Lammiman, chairman of the report, said: “This really comes across as something that most residents have an issue with – both in terms of the bigger picture, and the nitty-gritty day-to-day problems.”

She said highways issues are a “massive deal” for the council and its officers and more open discussion would benefit all sides.

The committee recommended that the council offers more regular and detailed updates to councillors and residents about the type of inspections and works it carries out.

It also suggested notifications of planned works are more widely advertised. Cllr Kanti Rabadia pointed out regular emails covering this used to be sent out.

Chairman of the scrutiny committee, Cllr Sachin Shah, explained this information could then be relayed to constituents.

He said: “This comes under what I call ‘little big things’. These are important because it might seem like a small thing for us but it’s a big thing for residents.

“And, as councillors, it is our responsibility to work for the things that matter to them.”

In terms of reporting issues, the committee suggested the council create a diagram to highlight the route residents’ queries follow and how they are handled.

This, it explained, would address some of the frustrations felt by residents who accuse the council of inaction.

It proposed a public event with Cllr Varsha Parmar, who is responsible for the environment at Harrow Council, to discuss the findings of this report.