An automatic door system at a polling station has ended up shutting voters out - denying them their chance to cast their ballot.

Andrew Howlett-Davies, 62, was left outside Camrose Primary and Nursery School in Edgware for half an hour at around 11.15am.

Hoping to vote in possibly the last ever European Elections Mr Howlett-Davies was left waiting because of the front gate to the school was not opened for visitors.

Eventually about 30 people visited the station to make their vote but were not able to resulting in a large queue of people.

Mr Howlett-Davies said: "I feel its my democratic right to vote and make a statement has been denied.

"I saw people come and go and the polling station was not open.

"Not being let into your polling station is something that happens in a third-world country not here."

The automatic front gate of the school was malfunctioning according to a council spokesperson and the polling station was made aware, it has now been fixed.