The councillor responsible for crime and community cohesion in Harrow believes technology could be the key to tackling knife crime.

Cllr Krishna Suresh wants to see the invention of a device which detects weapons – something he thinks would reduce the number of violent incidents in the region.

He explained that it would be similar to airport security scanners and knife arches but would be portable, thereby increasing the chances of catching perpetrators and preventing crime.

“We need something that can quickly scan people to see if they are carrying things such as knives and drugs,” he said.

“Perhaps it is already out there, but this would be really useful for our police officers in the future.

“They could also be used in schools and on public transport to help us sort out this problem of youth violence.”

He added that the council is not in favour of section 60 orders – also known as stop and search – which give police powers to search individuals without evidence.

Cllr Suresh’s comments come after two 15-year-olds were found with stab wounds in Station Road, Harrow, last night.

Police are also investigating the “unexplained death” of a man in his mid-40s who was found dead in Northolt Road, South Harrow, yesterday.

And last month Ravi Katharkamar was murdered as he opened his newsagents shop in Marsh Road, Pinner.

“It is tragic that we are seeing so many victims of crime,” Cllr Suresh said.

“We are trying to give people the right guidance and officers are explaining the consequences of criminal activities.

“It is a complicated situation, but we are doing our level best to keep our residents safe.”