Brent Council became the latest authority to formally support calls for a people’s vote on the Brexit deal.

It backed a Labour motion last night, which also requested that the Government include the option of remaining in the European Union on any future public ballot paper.

The suggestion, proposed by Cllr Neil Nerva, was rejected by a handful of councillors – including all three Conservative opposition members.

But it was ultimately approved by a large majority, meaning the council implores prime minister Theresa May to rethink her stance on leaving the EU with a deal agreed last week.

“Brent voted 60-40 to remain. Even if it had not voted this way, we should be passing a motion for a people’s vote – that’s what leadership is about,” said Cllr Nerva.

“We now know that we will not be getting £350 million-a-week as that bus said, we will be £1,000 worse off for ten years – think about that.

“Theresa May is now touring the country asking people to support her Brexit deal. Why not put that deal to the test by having [another] vote?”

He added that 22 per cent of the borough are EU nationals and described them as “community makers”, admonishing the PM’s claim that they were “queue jumpers” in the process.

And he urged parliament to treat the situation like buying a house, comparing the prospect of a people’s vote to a response to a survey.

“Let’s ask whether we now want to buy the house,” he said.

Minutes before the motion was discussed, the council approved a report highlighting the implications of Brexit on the borough.

Cllr Margaret McLennan, deputy leader of Brent Council, pointed out that things will become clearer as a decision on Mrs May’s deal is confirmed.

But the report does note that, if the UK does leave the EU, there will be an impact on the workforce, economy and public services in the region.

Cllr Matt Kelcher gave an impassioned speech in defence of staying in the EU, claiming that it was important to act on behalf of future generations.

But Cllr Michael Maurice said it was important to support the prime minister who, he said, has been “working hard to secure the best deal” for the country.