The number of people who think the Mayor of London is doing a good job has fallen by nearly 10 per cent over the last five months.

According to a study by Queen Mary University of London, the number of people who think the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is doing “well” fell from 52 per cent in April to 44 per cent in September.

A total of 40 per cent of respondents also said that Mr Khan was doing a bad job as the Mayor of London – an increase of 10 per cent from April.

Just 16 per cent of people said they did not know how he was doing as mayor.

Philip Cowley, professor of politics at Queen Mary University, said: “When we first started polling he was one of the most popular politicians in Britain.

“Such was his cross-party support, he even had net positive support from Conservative voters. Those days are long gone.”

Mr Khan, who will stand again as the Labour candidate at the next mayoral election, has faced criticism in recent months over his handling of violent crime in the capital.

The murder rate has now reached over 100.

According to the survey however Labour still remains the most popular party with Londoners.

A total of 48 per cent of people said they would still vote Labour in the next General Election, 26 per cent Conservative, 15 per cent Liberal Democrat and 11 per cent for other parties.