Labour consolidated its already vice-like grip on Brent Council as it held onto all three seats in Willesden Green.

The election in the ward had been deferred following the death of candidate and longstanding councillor Lesley Jones.

At the borough elections on May 3, Labour returned 57 of the 60 available seats and last night’s result means there are still just three opposition Conservative councillors.

Cllr Tom Miller was re-elected for another four years and he will be joined by Cllr Elliot Chappell and Cllr Fleur Donnelly-Jackson.

Cllr Chapel took to social media to celebrate the result, where he said he was “delighted” to have been selected.

He wrote: “It’s been such a positive few weeks speaking to so many residents, looking forward to working for [Willesden Green].

“Huge thanks to all those who came to help and support us.”

His words were echoed by Cllr Miller, who thanked those who had been behind the campaign and paid tribute to Ms Jones.

Brent is now one of the most Labour-dominated councils in London and the UK and, while this feat is clearly impressive, opposition parties are concerned that it could be “bad for democracy”.

But, following the initial result, the council reassured residents that there are measures in place to ensure that all councillors are held to account.

A spokesperson for Brent Council said: “Regardless of the political control of the council, there are mechanisms in place to ensure that the work of any administration is properly scrutinised.

“Council meetings are open to the public to attend and we have a number of committees that scrutinise the work of the council.

“We have an independent chair of our Standards and Audit committee and a number of independent non-councillors sitting on a range of committees too, to provide even greater reassurance that the council is properly held to account.

“Council officers give professional and impartial advice regardless of the political balance in the council and when key decisions are to be made, this is most commonly advice that is made public.”